Freshers 2019

Congratulations to all of our new fellow students at the University of Southampton.

We will be running a series of exciting events, starting in freshers week and continuing throughout the academic year.

Look out for our friendly volunteers at the SUSU and ECS Bunfights.

If you can't wait to get started, join our Facebook Group or our mailing list.

The Freshers' week schedule is below:

Date Event Location Type
28/09/2019 Introduction to SRO + Kit Hacking 53/4025 Workshop
30/09/2019 Getting Started With Robotics 53/4025 Workshop
07/10/2019 Robotics Game Design 53/4025 Talk/Workshop
14/10/2019 Python: A Tornado Tour - Part 1 53/4025 Workshop
21/10/2019 Board Games 53/4025 TSocial
28/10/2019 53/4025
4/11/2019 Event Management with Future Worlds 53/4025 Workshop
11/11/2019 Competition Games Discussion 53/4025 Workshop / Meeting
18/11/2019 Introduction to Hardware Design 53/4025 Workshop
23/11/2019 Hardware Design Workshop (Saturday) 53/4025 Workshop