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Author: Dan Trickey

Another year, another two robotics events.

The first was Student Robotics 2019, a new organisation to me, albeit very closely linked to the activities that I'd been involved in before. SR is of a much larger scale than the other events that I've helped organise before, wit...

Author: Dan Trickey

About two years ago, I attended a summer school at the University of Southampton. It was organised by a charity called The Smallpeice Trust, who run STEM courses for 13 - 18 year old children in the UK. At the time I enjoyed it, but little did I realise at the time that I wo...

Author: Dan Trickey

Many months of hard work came to fruition last weekend, as we hosted the SourceBots 2018 robotics competition at The University of Southampton.

Eight teams of sixth form students from surrounding colleges gathered at The Cube to compete their robot designs against each oth...